Sports Therapy and Massage

Sports and Deep Tissue Massage helps your body to feel better and alleviates stress, which permits your body to function better, move freely and helps to prevent injuries.

Our treatments offer many benefits in general day-to-day life – it is not only for those who participate in or compete in sport. A session with one of our therapists can help to correct poor posture, improve circulation, reduce stress, improve flexibility and boost immune function.

Advice is always free, so if you have any questions before, during, or after your sessions, please get in touch.

Myofascial Release (MFR)

Soft tissue in the body can become restricted due to injury, overuse, and inactivity resulting in pain, tension and reduced blood flow. This technique helps increase mobility and reduce pain, using a slow deep soft tissue technique that looks at re-aligning structural balance by manipulating the body’s Connective Tissue (Fascia).

Trigger Point Therapy

When a muscle is uncomfortable with, or has forcefully contracted beyond its range, a muscular trigger point can develop. This small band of contracted muscle tissue can lead to a restricted range and ability of the muscle to contract.

Feel free to view our Self Help Sheets to get you going. If still unsure contact us to direct you or Book an Appointment and lets get started on managing your problems