Exercises for isolated home workers

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Millions of people were told to work from home and adjust to doing their jobs remotely due to COVID-19. If you’re one of these people, you may be noticing new aches and pains that you did not experience at the office, and this could be due to your home workstation, or maybe you’re moving around less than before. Here’s some exercises that may help keep those aches and pains at bay!

The hip flexor lunge stretch

When working at home the amount of time you spend sitting may increase. Additionally, the chair you sit on may not be ergonomic. This can lead to very tight hip flexors which may increase your risk of hip and lower back pain. This stretch will help loosen those tight muscles. Perform this stretch by starting in a lunge position and lean your pelvis forward. You should feel a stretch into the front of the rear placed thigh and hip. Hold 30 seconds and perform 5 times a day.

Thoracic Extension In Sitting

This exercise is designed to strengthen the muscles of the mid back and loosen the thoracic spine. This exercise effectively counters the bent over posture of sitting. To perform this exercise, find a stable chair with a relatively high back. Put your hands on your head and lean over the back of the chair. Hold for 5 seconds, repeat 5 times, three times a day.

Pec Stretch

The muscles of the chest or “pecs” can also get very tight during prolonged sitting. To perform this exercise step into a doorway and put your elbows on either side. Push your chest forward and feel the stretch into the chest. Hold 30 seconds and perform 5 times per day.

And Finally Walking

The Government guidelines still allow us to walk/exercise daily. It is really important to maintain your health, especially in these times. If healthy, aim for 10,000 steps per day.

Since lock down we have been providing remote Physio and Talking Therapy services, and have received great feedback so far. All because you are staying safe at home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to help when you need it! Our physiotherapist is available to offer any help we can, DM, email or call us.

Don’t forget, you can DM us with a picture of your home workstation and our physiotherapists will give you some top tips.

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