Lower back pain exercises if you are in isolation

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The first exercise is knee rolls (see below). Start in a supine (laying face up) with your knees bent up. Then slowly rock your knees from side to side, the lower you get your knees get the more stretch you will feel. Don’t push into pain but if you do find a painful point, push to the pain but not past it. You should feel this area free up. Perform 15 reps, both sides, three times daily.

The next exercises is the cat and camel. Begin in a quadruped position (hand and knees). To work into flexion push through your hands and look towards your thighs, raise your back and feel the stretch through the spine. Slowly move into the extension position by arching your back and look up. Again, work to the point of pain but not past it and you should feel the area loosen with practice. Perform 15 reps in each direction three times daily. 

The next exercise is called the sphinx pose from yoga. This exercise is designed to increase the extension of the spine. Start in a prone position (lying face down) and slowly raise your chest up by pushing through yours elbows with your hands face down. Eyes looking forward. When in this position take some slightly deeper than normal breaths and breath out fully. On full exhale arch your back a bit further each time and inhale as normal. If you experience difficulty with this exercise due to pain, lower your chest. Perform 10 breaths, three times daily.

Please note*

If you are experiencing increased pain from these exercises please contact us directly and we can advise you.

The Government guidelines still allow us to walk/exercise daily. It is really important to maintain your health, especially in these times. If healthy, aim for 10,000 steps per day.

Since lock down we have been providing remote Physio and Talking Therapy services, and have received great feedback so far. All because you are staying safe at home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to help when you need it! Our physiotherapist is available to offer any help we can, DM, email or call us.

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