Remote Physiotherapy

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In these difficult times we have had to make changes to our services to keep the public and the staff at Joints and Points Healthcare Safe. We are now offering video appointments with our qualified physiotherapists.

What to expect

To begin with the admin team at Joints and Points Healthcare will offer you a free consultation with a physiotherapist to discuss your issue. The physiotherapist, if appropriate, will recommend a video appointment. Generally video appointments are done via WhatsApp video call but can also be done using Zoom as per your preference. All you need is a device (phone, laptop or Ipad) with a front facing camera to have a remote video session.

The video appointment will generally take around 20-30 minutes. In these 20 minutes the physiotherapist will take a full history of your issue and past medical history, the physiotherapist will then assess you by asking you to do some movements and tests while they observe.

The Physiotherapist will then give you a diagnosis and an explanation of the problem. An E-mail will be sent which has exercises that will help ease your symptoms. These exercises will be demonstrated and your technique assessed to make sure it is correct. The physio will also give advice on activity modification, heat or ice etc during the appointment.

Does physio work over the phone?

The short answer is yes, physio can work over the phone. Throughout many years of research, exercise therapy has been proven to be effective in treating musculoskeletal issues. It is therefore possible to diagnose and treat an ailment remotely. I would hesitate to say that it is as effective as clinic treatment but it is still an effective measure to take. When conducting the free phone consultation the physiotherapist will decide whether or not they think a video appointment will help you and will not suggest one if it will not. 

Therapy advice is always available, even if its just a quick chat you need over the telephone with a health professionals. Please email or call our team for any help or advice.

Office number – 0151 345 6823

Office email – [email protected]